Hanging From Infinity

Hanging From Infinity Poster 01 Since last July Christopher Phelps and crew have been hard at work producing a new short film entitled Hanging From Infinity. The film follows a man (played by Lucas William Hale Van Scoy) as he travels through a surreal landscape of mysterious dreams and distant memories surrounding a girl (played by Laura Hajek). Written and directed by Christopher Phelps, production started about a year ago and over that time the story has grown organically to suit time and budgetary limitations. Despite being funded entirely out of pocket, the film features an impressive production value and a number of complicated setpieces. The film is being produced by the newly organized production company Ursidae Parade, and will be their first official release under the name. The majority of the movie has been shot and edited, and production is slated to wrap up within the next month. There is no official release date as of yet, but it will be debuting sometime this year. Visit the official Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest Hanging From Infinity news.

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The Ravacon Collective Presents
An Ursidae Parade Production
Hanging From Infinity
Starring Lucas William Hale Van Scoy and Laura Hajek
Produced by Maxim Van Scoy, Christopher Phelps, Stephen Phelps
Written and Directed by Christopher Phelps